A Doctor with diabetes relates his health recovery with low carb nutrition.

In relation to the previous post regarding the video of Dr Tim Noakes, here is a short video of the Doctor mentioned by Dr. Noakes.

This video also communicates the points very well. Both videos were made by “karen skinny”, and I hope she keeps up the good work.

A comment I would make is that this does not at all have to be a high protein diet. In fact, some people do not get the full benefits of low carbohydrate nutrition if they embrace a high protein intake. A moderate protein consumption is usually best.

Also, note that he needed to pay close attention to his medications as he started the change in eating pattern. It would have been very dangerous if he had not reduced the diabetes medication and blood pressure medication as needed as his food intake changed.

Finally, I do not recommend the Dukan diet.

At 8:40 minutes, this video is also a good choice for helping you communicate with friends, family and your health care team about low carbohydrate nutrition.

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Does Skipping Breakfast Increase Your Diabetes Risk? | Dr. Sharmas Obesity Notes

Does Skipping Breakfast Increase Your Diabetes Risk? | Dr. Sharmas Obesity Notes.

Oh how timely.  Having just written my rant on restrict/re-bound eating patterns, I just have to pass this on.  Sorry for smirking.