Let’s just say it about hunger – 1

Dr Dea Roberts MD:

Re-blogged from Hopeful and Free. Saying it like it really is about her experiences with hunger. She has more to say on this topic in other posts and in the comments section. I’m an instant fan.

Of course, I just had to post a comment to her, and her reply also deserves attention:

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Originally posted on hopefulandfree:

I used to believe that most of my hunger was not REAL hunger. I thought my hunger was (based on my necessary-for-a-time yet distorted way of thinking) a product of my imagination. That false belief about reality—about my REAL hunger—was based on *social truths* that I had heard so many times…well, hell, they just HAD TO BE true.

Because, otherwise, it meant I was living in a sick cruel world whose constant and most authoritative discourses (medical, academic, psychological, journalistic, etc) TOLD ME falsehoods and distortions about my life and my shared existence with all other humans.

That, that terrifying possibility just described, was more painful to consider and believe than my belief (and my eventual *trust*) in my own apparent *pathology*—my own so-called sickness, my so-called weakness, my self harming ways, my lack of knowledge, my…my own BADNESS.

Yes. Far less painful for me to accept my own personal…

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