Dr. Jay Wortman, M.D. on what’s blocking progress in recognition of the medical benefits of low-carb nutrition

Dr. Jay’s Blog: Jay Wortman, M.D. on the science & clinical experience related to low-carbohydrate, ketogenic diets & traditional First Nations style diets.

I wish I knew how to re-post this article in it’s entirety.  Very worth the read, as he first relates the story of yet another person’s remarkable health turn-around with long-term adoption of low-carb nutrition, then discusses the barriers that are keeping this invaluable understanding of carbohydrate intolerance from reaching a wider audience.

If you visit Dr. Wortman’s blog, have a look at his videos of skiing Whistler.  No better example of how the long-term adoption of a very low carbohydrate diet can include “peak” physical performance.  Ketones are a fabulous fuel source for athletic activity.

While progress through “official channels” in research funding, academia and policy-making bodies is slow, there is a “movement of the people”.  If you haven’t seen this video already, have a look at Tom Naughton’s powerful message about knowledge of low-carb nutrition spreading through social channels.  At the bottom of the page “Keepers Unite” is the video “Vox Populi”.

For more examples of personal stories, or to post your own story of success, visit Ancestral Weight Loss Registry, listed in the sidebar under links.  They also have a collection of research related to low-carb nutrition – for your interest and/or as a resource for you to use when talking to friends, family and health professionals.

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