A gluten-free low-carb bar in a pinch

On my recent trip to Denver for the obesity conference, I was so very glad to have found a gluten-free low-carb snack bar that I can use in a pinch.

I keep pretty much to real foods and eat quite simply.  Personally, I don’t fill my life with low-carb baking or with a lot of artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols as sweeteners.  (For some people, though, this can be an important part of their long-term strategy that works for them.)

When travelling while eating gluten-free and low-carb, things can get difficult even when all goes according to plan.  I was glad that I planned ahead for this and had ordered from the US a box of snack bars and packed some for the trip.

I have absolutely no ties to any companies, so I’ll go ahead and mention the name Quest Bars, which I learned of through listening to Jimmy Moore’s LLVLC podcasts.  Having some of these with me really came in handy and saved me from having to go hungry on more than one occasion.

These bars are not sold in Canada.  You can, however, order them from the US for personal use (not to bring them in and sell them) as long as you stick to an amount that a Custom’s Agent would consider reasonable for personal use for a couple of months.  I ordered them from a major on-line supplement retailer that I have ordered from many times in the past 5 years or more.

To me, this is something I would only turn to for uncommon situations, such as a long flight.  If I started to think that I “needed” to have one every week or every few days, I would start to wonder about myself and to understand that I was just making up excuses.  Having the option of a gluten-free low-carb snack bar is great to know about, but if they start to call your name from the cupboard, perhaps they aren’t for you.

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