A Sunday Morning in June

When “normal” blood sugar is not normal:

A great day to save life and limb …

On a Sunday morning, some reading that is all about taking charge of your health, getting results and protecting your future.

This is the introduction to the BloodSugar101.com website, it will open in a new window.

“A Very Brief Summary”

The focus of this particular article is controlling blood sugars when you have diabetes.

In her new book, Diet 101, Jenny provides the reasons why every person should be aware of their blood sugar health, even if they do not meet the lab test cut-off values that are used in the diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes. She covers how to understand your blood glucose (“sugar”) test results and then what you can do to claim your health.

To encourage you to linger a while and learn about this vital aspect of protecting your health, here is some music to go along with your reading:

Michael Hedges, Aerial Boundaries

2 thoughts on “A Sunday Morning in June

  1. Hedges was a very talented musician and there’s no telling what he could have accomplished. Died way to early. His music was a little too new age for me to appreciate very often. I’m pretty much a jazz guy. My accustic guitar fav was Charlie Byrd. As for the Larabar being loaded with carbs, of course you’re right. I consider myself a controlled carb eater and try to keep carbs to salad and some veg and to stay around 60 or 70 a day. Sometimes I’m bad and go over. 🙂
    The Lara at about 23 carbs is certainly only used as a travel treat, like some use cookies. I really enjoy your blog.

    • I hope to be able to get back to about 50- 80 carbs a day myself at some point. I think that’s a real sweet spot – gives more flexibility and I really wouldn’t be interested in having much more. Thanks for your kind comment.

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