Sunday Stories of Low Carb – June

Sunday Stories and 23 Jazz Concerts!

(1) Interview (about 13 minutes) on among 2 couples regarding their experiences with the benefits of low-carb nutrition. LINK

(2) Gary Noreen, of Low Carb Review (, has written the story of his 19 years of controlling Type 2 diabetes with a low carb diet:

“They made the mistake of giving me a glucometer (blood glucose meter). I quickly found that eating cereal and skim milk for breakfast along with a banana made my glucose take off like a rocket. “Artery-clogging” eggs and bacon had no effect. This was bewildering.

Fortunately for me, the only Type 2 diabetes book in my local library was Diabetes Type II: Living a Long, Healthy Life Through Blood Sugar Normalization by Dr. Richard Bernstein, who recommended a very low carbohydrate diet (30 gm/day) and no restrictions on fat except no trans fats. Dr. Bernstein’s very low carb diet quickly brought my blood glucose under control and dramatically improved my lipid measurements. 19 years later, I have never needed to inject insulin, my most recent A1c measurement was 5.6%, I have no diabetes complications, and my lipids are excellent.”

His story is much longer than the quote above, and he includes his lab test results and details of his medications and how he manages his health.  Note that after 19 years since diagnosis, and with sky-high blood glucose at diagnosis, he reports “I have no diabetes complications”.

Sunday Music

The CBC (The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is Canada’s public broadcasting corporation and the radio is commercial-free. They maintain a very extensive website.

One of their features is CBC Music, with multiple genre streams and tons of “concert on demand” recordings.

This link is to a page featuring over 20 jazz concerts.  LINK

Lottttsss of Sunday Music!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Stories of Low Carb – June

  1. Happy Sunday morning Dr Dea. Noreen’s story is interesting. The more stories like this I read, the more I learn. At my last physical in Jan, I was diagnosed as prediabetic. My physician is a woman though, so maybe I shouldn’t…..oops, only kidding. 🙂 She recommended a low carb and reduced fat diet similar to “South Beach” and said we would do an A1C in 6 months. That is scheduled next week. Soon after the exam, I participated in a study of low carb foods conducted by Dr Robert SU of “Carbohydrates Can Kill” fame. I joined this study because of a free glucose meter and strips. Since then, I’ve been testing regularly, and reading everything I can. So I was happy to find your blogs to add to my favorites. Here’s a good one for you – my doc sent me to a cardiologist for a routine abdominal aortic aneurysm ultra sound. That came out clean but while there, I had a coronary calcium test. Bad. High score of 680. Many more tests later, I now know I have a 70% (or so) blockage of my LAD. Oh well, better to know something is wrong so we can work on it. Hey, sorry this is so long, but thanks for listening. Keep up the good work. Jazz post was a good one too. Listened to a couple so far. Two of my fav Canadian Jazz musicians passed away about 6 years ago, Oscar Peterson and Maynard Ferguson. And I have lots of Diana Krall’s stuff. And are you familiar with Nikki Yanofsky? If not, it’s time. Bob

    • Good Morning, Bob. Good luck with the A1C test next week. Thanks for your story, too. There are no “average” people, only individuals and so many ways that things can play out. So glad that blockage of the LAD was picked up so you can target it. I’ve read some of Dr. Su’s site, but I haven’t followed it closely. Yes, I am familiar with Nikki Yanofsky. She started getting attention here perhaps about 4 years ago and also belted it out for the Vancouver Olympics opening ceremonies. Hope you enjoy the CBC Music site.

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