All Diets Equal – is that the valid study conclusion?

The website “Ancestral Weight Loss Registry” has posted a very good analysis of the widely-reported study by Dr. Sacks, Dr. Bray and associates, which has been presented as showing that there is no benefit to one weight loss diet over another.

 “For example, let us assess a popular randomized clinical trial testing the efficacy of different diets, performed by some of the biggest names in diet and obesity research, such as Dr. Frank Sacks and Dr. George Bray.
The conclusion of their study is simple. All diets are created equal. “

LINK to the full text of the study.

LINK to the analysis posted by Ancestral Weight Loss Registry

Taking a good look at the full report of the study, to see what was actually done and what the researchers were actually working with as data, sheds a very different light on what value the research actually contributes.

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