Anything “chronic skin”, give thought to gluten

The highly knowledgable and extremely experienced Dr. Rodney Ford, New Zealand’s “Doctor Gluten” has tweeted the following:

“If ANYONE has chronic skin disease look at this. I put heaps of people GF for their skin – they get better”

He has included a link to the following full text medical paper, full of explanation and with excellent pictures.  LINK

Remember, the tests used to diagnose celiac disease ARE NOT trustworthy when considering gluten-related tissue damage any place else than in the intestines.  The blood tests used are only testing for a type of tissue damage that happens to the intestines.  Much of the damage that happens to other types of tissue, such as the skin, can be caused by anti-bodies that are different and DO NOT show on the tests for celiac disease.  The term “celiac disease” refers only to the damage done to the intestines by the auto-immune attack triggered by the gliadin that is part of gluten.

English: HLA-DQ2.5 with a deamidated gliadin p...

English: HLA-DQ2.5 with a deamidated gliadin peptide in the binding pocket(yellow). Alpha-5 (orange) and Beta-2(Blue). Image rendered from 1S9V using MBT Protein Workshop. 3D-structure as part of: Kim, C.-Y., Quarsten, H., Bergseng, E., Khosla, C., Sollid, L.M. (2004) Structural basis for HLA-DQ2-mediated presentation of gluten epitopes in celiac disease Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.USA 101: 4175-4179. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Note: we still often use the term “gluten” because so many people are used to using that word.  In reality, it has long been known that one specific part of gluten, a protein molecule called “gliadin”, is the part responsible for the auto-immune triggering.

If you think you don’t have to understand about gluten-related auto-immune disease because you follow a low-carb or grain-free lifestyle, think again.  With the immune system, an exposure of even 20 PPM can trigger damage and you cannot go by whether you feel symptoms of not. See “Why talk gluten when low-carb or grain-free?” and “Gluten awareness even for low carbers”.

See sidebar for link to Dr. Rodney Ford. Yes, he has unusually strenuous opinions, but consider his degree of frustration from the thousands of people he has treated in his long career who have had their health turned around by a gluten free diet – even in the absence of diagnosed celiac disease. Current lab tests and medical investigations very unfortunately cannot rule out gluten as a cause of ill health in any particular person.

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