Eating Disorders – Onset At Any Age

We are coming to a new understanding that eating disorders can onset at any stage of life.

Article from The Vancouver Sun  LINK

The National Eating Disorders Information Centre

Conference on Obesity and Mental Health

I have just posted a new page with information and resources related to the conference I attended last week.  LINK

The conference Obesity and Mental Health was held in Toronto June 26 – 28 2012.

The Toronto Star has a good summary article. LINK

Canada Day Stories

Happy Canada Day!

Having just been away and back to Toronto, I enjoyed my wonderful, near cloudless view of the country from my window seat going and coming.

I was in Toronto for the Obesity and Mental Health Conference, which was very worthwhile.  The lecture slides are on-line.  LINK

Going completely off-topic today, I have two stories for your consideration.

The first is a story of my family, written by my Grandfather about his father’s very long and adventure-filled life all over the emerging west – in the US and in Canada.  The latter decades he spent with his three sons as one of the pioneering families in the Caribou region of BC.

A brief article relating to the book and the lake where they settled – LINK.

The Rainbow Chasers, by Ervin Austin MacDonald, is available in paperback, Kindle and Nook. (Note: there is an apparent listing for a hardcover version, but this is incorrect, there has not been a hardcover edition.)

Yes, for once I have a commercial interest to disclose.  My mother and my Aunt do get royalties for this book.  Poor wages for the many hours that went into putting together the second paperback edition. 🙂

On (includes Kindle option)  LINK

On (does not offer Kindle option) LINK

On Barnes and Noble (includes Nook option) LINK

One summer when I was about 14, we went up to the region, with my mother’s sister’s family and my Grandparents.  We picked up my Grandfather’s brother and his wife in a nearby small town and stayed for a week or so in a cabin on nearby Bridge Lake.  The two brothers had not seen a lot of each other since leaving the ranch and settling in different areas of BC.  My Grandfather had not been back to the ranch in all the intervening decades.  When the brothers got together, the stories just poured out of them.  My cousin and I would come in from the lake for lunch and just stay sitting there, in our wet bathing suits, transfixed.  Only a small selection of those stories made it into the book. (Bridge Lake was named that because of the bridge that my Grandpa, his brothers and father helped build there.)

The second is the story of Sir John A. MacDonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister.  In this interview on CBC, you’ll hear of the history of Canada as you have likely never heard it before!  This link includes a first and a second interview.  It is the first interview that is particularly enlightening and entertaining. No boring history here!  LINK

This week’s audio is also on the Canada Day theme and is comedy this week, rather than the usual music selection.

The comedy show The Debaters features two comedians who “debate” (sort-of) each other on assigned topics.  This week’s show featured a debate on the “merits” of picnics versus barbeques and another debate about the Canadian flag.  LINK

Now for some sunshine.