Jenny Ruhl reports her ketosis experiences

Jenny Ruhl has just posted another update – at the mid-point of her planned 2 week journey back into nutritional ketosis.  Jenny is very experienced in sustained ketosis, having spent 5 years maintaining nutritional ketosis in the recent past, plus years at a low carbohydrate intake above the point of significant ketosis  This unusual degree of personal experience, plus her extensive communication with others following low carb lifestyles and her broad knowledge of the research and the science, makes her reports especially valuable and insightful.

Her report is particularly important because she is one of those who don’t thrive when in ketosis, particularly over an extended period.  Individual differences in metabolism are very real.

Her post.

More on her history with nutritional ketosis, part of her discussions with Jimmy Moore on his Ask the Low Carb Experts podcast from September 20, 2012.  web page

Addendum Oct 15, 2012

Jenny posted about the outcome of her 2 week trial.  I commented on her trial and provide the link to her post in this excerpt taken from Part 4 of my Ketosis series –

Jenny Ruhl’s recent experience – You have to scroll down to the comments section below her post to see where she reports that she did test positive for urine ketones throughout the trial 2 weeks, after the first couple of days. I include it here for some balance.  Also, it reflects some other people’s experiences that I have read about in the past months where the person has done blood testing for ketones and not had substantial weight loss when eating to satiety.  Note – in Jenny’s trial she did lose weight, but she remained hungry as she kept to a calorie cap.

What you eat is only part of the whole picture when it comes to what is determining your body weight (unless being in semi-starvation or putting up with chronic hunger, neither of which are tenable long-term).

Jenny is an extremely happy camper when it comes to a “to the meter” individually targeted lowering of carbohydrate intake as an essential aspect of controlling diabetes and glucose intolerance (see her other web site, facebook and books).

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