Another Low Carb and Happy Story

Bicycle Lane

Bicycle Lane (Photo credit: snofla)

I am enjoying Meghann Douglas’s blog Meghann’s Meltdown. It took me a while to get it about the title – she has lost over 100 pounds.

She incorporates a lot of activity, such as swimming and biking, into her day.

From one of her recent posts:

“I resisted keeping data logs for a long time.  ……  As the importance of the carbohydrate/insulin imbalances became clearer to me, the more important it became to accurately measure and track those carbohydrates.  “Close enough” is not enough.  It’s work to monitor closely enough to stay under 50 grams of carbohydrates per day.  The difference in how I feel makes it worth the while.  The reduction in pain is worth it.  Thank goodness for online programmes and their phenomenal databases.  Calculating & balancing my own ration is vastly improved from all those livestock rations I used to balance!!!!

There’s another important side of this.  You need to keep that food log in order to be sure you’re actually eating ENOUGH.  This is a totally oddball concept to work your head around.  I have literally spent my life counting calories and fighting my own hunger (real or imagined) and the cravings.  Your biggest nemesis is that magic number you’ve chosen to never exceed.

Balancing our own low-carb food plan has almost completely eliminated ALL cravings.  Even further than this, you can forget to eat because you just don’t feel hungry.  You can look at things you couldn’t walk past before and honestly not even want them.”

2 thoughts on “Another Low Carb and Happy Story

  1. So true! My husband and I have been on our low carb diet for several years now, but we still write it all down– and so much of that now is to make sure we’re eating enough. It’s a weird concept to be sure, but a critically important one.

    • Thanks for your input, rarasaur. It’s interesting that you second Meghann’s experience. She has much more about her experiences on her blog, but I chose that quote because I thought people might find it a particularly useful insight.

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