Janis – what we lost …

If you think you know Janis Joplin, check out this clip. If she had managed to get through those rough years, I wonder if we would have seen more like this? It hints at what we lost – not what we know of her – we have that – but what she never got to produce at later decades of her life. Can you imagine??

The trouble with loosing such an artistic talent – no, no we can’t imagine it at all. There is an empty void where what she could have brought to us could have been.

1 thought on “Janis – what we lost …

  1. SIMPLY AMAZING….What a fantastic, unique voice…

    Ironic, is it not, that true talent used to reign. Janis was not beautiful, a size zero or have perfect skin or hair….She still a singular talent. I do miss her.

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