Keepers Unite

Keepers.  How did humanity survive all those eons of struggle from season to season? Food scarcity could hit often and unpredictably – was, in fact, ever just around the corner. Keepers developed the ability to readily store food energy in their bodies, keeping the benefit of the hunt or the food gathering at hand, keeping themselves alive and functional, carrying and keeping the next generation into the future.

Now this metabolic ability and tendency bring some threats to our health, happiness and capabilities.

By putting our heads, hands and hearts together, we can meet this challenge.

I have posted this video below to highlight the power and the potential of communicating and working together.  I have to include this comment, though.  Although the speaker emphasizes the role of low carb eating, which is actually one of my own cherished and personally-essential health practices, please keep in mind that low carb eating is not the key to weight loss for everyone – in fact for some people it is not their best option or may be even a bad idea if they don’t (or can’t) access truly knowledgable medical care before/during.  Even for people who benefit by low carb eating, it is not always the impact on insulin that is the key factor.  There is, and is never going to be, one best plan for achieving weight health.

Tom Naughton (of “Fat Head”) speaking at a conference of the Office of Research Integrity on why more and more people are ignoring doctors, nutritionists and government health agencies and turning to blogs and social media for health and nutrition advice.

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