About ‘Key Keys’

Each Unique Pound

If you are a keeper, your weight health will be the outcome of everything about your life.  Everything. Your sleep, your moods, stressful situations and events, your general health, your family history, your mother’s health and metabolic state during your development in utero, your weight history and previous weight loss, your genetics, your amount of brown fat, – on and on and on and on.  Any attempt to make a real list would be futile as it would go on for pages and you could always add a few more.

This makes loss of body fat a matter of each unique pound.  The “recipe” for the right ingredients in the right combination needed to create a safe and effective weight management plan for any person will be specific to them and also will change over time.

Even the target for weight health is specific for each person and specific to different times in their life.  For some people, the target might be “making peace with food and getting out of a chaotic eating pattern”, or “I have a crisis in my household, so for now my target is to not gain further weight”.

Food intake is absolutely required for survival and the continuation of the human race.  For this reason, the appetite and satiety systems are complex beyond current grasp.

Still, there are aspects of weight control that emerge as generally or commonly of key importance for most keepers.

I would like to focus on a few of these that I consider to be among the key keys. Make it or break-it deal makers or deal breakers. These are not of central importance to all people trying to lose weight.  Also, their role in any person’s health will change over time. (Meaning, if you think you are immune to any of these, don’t be so cocky.)

The kids who have grown up playing computer games would think of these as “the bosses” – you must defeat the boss to complete a level of the game and to move on to the next level of challenge.

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