Brain Sensitized?

This topic belongs alongside food addiction, but it was too much to put it all on one page.

I am wondering if concepts about appetite/satiety could tie in with developments in the understanding of chronic pain.  Chronic pain is now understood to involve sensitization of the brain pain perception pathways.

Could a similar phenomenon happen in the appetite/satiety control pathways?  If so, this might be experienced by the person as a generally high appetite or a general absence of satiety, but without the features more associated with addiction.

This is an excellent talk presenting the concept of chronic pain involving disordered function of the brain.  A major fix of brain candy.

As he talks, trying thinking of how often you could substitute the word “hunger” instead of the word “pain” and still a sentence that makes sense.  Of course, hunger and pain have major differences but think of how much further we would be ahead if hunger/satiety had received as much serious investigation over time.  Nothing to do with weight bias, of course.

How about the use of standardized and accepted hunger/satiety/craving rating scales in satiety-based weight health?

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