Research Oopsies

Use a Raised Eyebrow When Looking at Research

Research brings us vitally important new information – at least in theory and in the best case scenario.  When it comes to research about health and, in particular, research about diet and nutrition, the best case scenario is not often found.

When any new bit of research finding comes out in the media, at is best to pay limited attention to what is said and printed and posted in the first few days.  Within a few days or a week, people who have the training to understand the ins and outs of research will start to speak up.  It is then that the real use (or not) of that particular bit of research will start to be evident.

Seeking Knowledgable and Independent Thoughtful Commentary

I go to a number of different sources for commentary on the latest research – for that matter, even for commentary on older research that still holds great influence.

Because of the complexity of understanding research, I am always after a number of different commentaries, never just one or two.

For major new studies relating to nutrition or weight control issues, Jimmy Moore will often arrange to provide some expert commentary.  For example, his interview on April 11, 2012 with Dr. Mary Vernon and Dr. Eric Westman regarding a just-published study that widely reported to show that gastric bypass surgery was a cure for Type 2 diabetes

Dr. Richard Feinman, professor of biochemistry, has posts providing very insightful commentary.  If you are interested, he has posts on his site that will take you through the biochemistry involved in how your body handles using the fats, carbohydrates and protein that you eat.  He sure hates bad science.  See video below.

For anything relating to blood sugar or diabetes, it is always worthwhile to consider the opinion of Jenny Ruhl of and  She tends to post more on her Facebook page, the link to which is at the top of

Video “The Nutrition Mess: Can We Fix It?” by Richard Feinman PhD

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