I sent out a tweet with the above hash tag.  For anyone reading this who has looked at my writing under “Satiety-Focused Weight Health”, you’ll know I have “feelings” about the use and, especially, the mis-use of the term “a-calorie-is-a-calorie”.

This is far from the only research that has shown that more factors affect body composition/body fat gain than SOLELY the total intake of calories (given otherwise the same environment and the same access to movement/activity).  However, after this very well-done reputable study, it is just not possible to deny this anymore.

Yes, sadly, calories do matter.  There is no set of diet or lifestyle strategies you can adopt that will allow you to eat as many calories as you can stuff down your throat and still lose weight.  There are no “magic calories” (as the argument rages) that don’t count.  But there are undeniably other factors at play that can make calories count more in some physiological/metabolic situations than others.