Jimmy Moore’s LLVLC 7th Anniversary

The ASBP (American Society of Bariatric Physicians) and Nutrition and Metabolism Society meetings in Denver last week were excellent.

I got to meet and/or hear many people in the low-carb world.  Fancy my luck to wind up sitting next to Jimmy Moore at a very fun dinner for low-carb/Paleo- oriented people from the conference and from the Denver area.  This was organized by Dr. Jeffry Gerber (what a great idea) and also Bridget Hart (thanks for providing low-carb/Paleo nibbles and for the dark chocolate morsels for dessert).  Also thanks to both Dr. Gerber and Bridget Hart for getting my PlayBook back to me after I left the little dear at the restaurant (one glass of wine, honest).

It was Jimmy’s 7th Anniversary date from the start of his Livin’ La Vida Low Carb blog.  When he was asked to say a few words before the dinner, which he did keep to just a few words, he forgot to mention that fact.  He again encouraged all to find their own way of putting forth the awareness that low carb living can offer great health benefits.

If you ask the others present, they might remember it differently, but I’m pretty sure that what I heard him say went something like….

“we get by with a little help from our friends”.

I don’t know. Have a listen and see what you hear ………

(you can see it was quite a party)