Fun, cute LCHF video

I found this delicious animated video via

Short and sweet.

Of course, not everyone needs to adopt a LCHF lifestyle in order to have a healthy metabolism and enjoy a healthy body weight without struggles with hunger. Some people can handle a higher intake of carbohydrates, particularly if they focus on carb foods with a low glycemic index. Long term success comes from taking the time and effort to adjust your lifestyle specifically for you.

Also, there are some people who find, even after they are very well adapted to a LCHF eating pattern, that they do need to pay some attention to calories (e.g. Ellen ) – but without the suffering from hunger that they had previously without a LCHF approach).

One other thing to point out relates to the comment in the video about human body fat.  Human body fat is composed mostly of MUFA (mono-unsaturated fatty acids) and SFA (saturated fatty acids), with a bit more MUFA than SFA.  Of course, there will be some variability between people in this. You can read about this, and review a good table showing the fatty acid content of various foods, fats and oils in the book I am constantly recommending “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance” by Jeff Volek, PhD, RD and Stephen Phinney, MD, PhD.

Quoting from that book:

“Factoid: A 50:50 mixture of butter and olive oil approximates the composition of triglycerides typically found in human body fat.”

The web site mentioned in the video is which looks like a terrific site, if you are up to reading Swedish.

A blog reporting glucose impact of low-carb products


This site helps fill a need. Low Carb Review is a new site dedicated to reporting the results of one person’s test trials of low carb foods and products.  He reports the part that matters, which is the rise in blood sugar after eating.  His test subject is himself, but, being an engineer, he takes a very careful approach.

Each person’s blood sugar responses can be unpredictably different, but still this is helpful and a valiant contribution.

I think the pumpkin and ricotta cheese breakfast dish is tempting (he refers to this as pumpkin “cereal”).  You can click through from his site to the recipe, which he found on Low Carb Diets.

Low Carb Review

Talking with kids about sugar?

One resource you might find helpful when trying to communicate with kids about the problems with high intakes of sugars and starchy foods is the movie Fat Head, by Tom Naughton. Click to go to his web site and read more about this movie.

In an interview, Tom describes that he hears comments from parents that their kids have really been able to relate to the movie. The interview is also interesting as Tom relates his own experiences with low-carb living and how this has evolved over time for him.  The comments about kids and the Fat Head movie are in the last few minutes (24 min interview). Tom’s next project is a book for kids, with accompanying DVD. The interview is at Link