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Diabetes Solution

Diabetes Solution (Photo credit: Earthworm)

Every month the highly-respected Dr. Richard K Bernstein has a teleconference.

From the email I received:

“Ask Dr. Bernstein Webcast and Teleconference !!! – TONIGHT!  Wednesday, Oct 31, 2012 Special Topic Diabetes/cancer and CVID

Please Ask Dr. Bernstein Your Questions NOW! By emailing us at or by going to
Join the Ask Dr. Bernstein Webcast and conference call on Monday Oct 31,2012 7PM CST, 8PM EST and 5PM West Coast Time. Dr. Bernstein will answer your questions

To attend, visit:
Or Primary dial in number: Phone number: (206) 402-0100 PIN Code: 900326#  ”

(Note: for Canadian readers, this is definitely not the Dr. Bernstein of the diet clinic chain.)

Dr. Bernstein has endeavored over many decades to get out his message of blood glucose control to normal levels, and the essential role of low cab intake in that process.

Free Abbott meter offer – glucose, ketone


Sadly only available to those in the US. If you are in the US, you might want to look into this offer from Abbott.

“In an effort to help you manage your blood sugar levels, your health insurance company is offering to  upgrade your blood glucose monitoring system, at absolutely no cost to you.1″

They have 3 test meters on offer, one of which is their meter that can test blood ketones and blood glucose – The Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System.

This is announced as a free meter UPGRADE, so check out the details.  LINK

Information on blood ketone testing – page on my blog My Keto Haven

Thanks to Jimmy Moore of Livin’ La Vida Low Carb for tweeting the tip.

Circadian Rhythm


Two interesting interviews on CBC Radio regarding circadian rhythm.

The first is an interview with a researcher about a study linking risk of breast cancer with years of working graveyard shifts.  This is followed by another interview regarding circadian rhythm in general.

Interview on CBC

A blog reporting glucose impact of low-carb products


This site helps fill a need. Low Carb Review is a new site dedicated to reporting the results of one person’s test trials of low carb foods and products.  He reports the part that matters, which is the rise in blood sugar after eating.  His test subject is himself, but, being an engineer, he takes a very careful approach.

Each person’s blood sugar responses can be unpredictably different, but still this is helpful and a valiant contribution.

I think the pumpkin and ricotta cheese breakfast dish is tempting (he refers to this as pumpkin “cereal”).  You can click through from his site to the recipe, which he found on Low Carb Diets.

Low Carb Review

Where will you be at 94?


Ok, bringing up Dal Richards feels a bit like cheating.  Here is Vancouver’s own Big Band Leader extraordinaire, in this video just 2 months short of his 94th birthday, proving that, at least for some people of his generation, it has been possible to maintain high health while not following a low carb diet!

If I tried to eat a typical “general mixed diet”, my health would be down the tubes in no time.

If you want to know a bit more, see the TV segment on his 94th birthday YouTube Link

Where will you be at age 94?  This summer, you can join Dal Richards as he performs on a cruise ship going up the BC coast.


Resources about Eating Disorders


There is a useful US government site that offers some basic info about eating disorders and body image, with an extensive list of links to other resources.  Body Image

A gluten-free low-carb bar in a pinch


On my recent trip to Denver for the obesity conference, I was so very glad to have found a gluten-free low-carb snack bar that I can use in a pinch.

I keep pretty much to real foods and eat quite simply.  Personally, I don’t fill my life with low-carb baking or with a lot of artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols as sweeteners.  (For some people, though, this can be an important part of their long-term strategy that works for them.)

When travelling while eating gluten-free and low-carb, things can get difficult even when all goes according to plan.  I was glad that I planned ahead for this and had ordered from the US a box of snack bars and packed some for the trip.

I have absolutely no ties to any companies, so I’ll go ahead and mention the name Quest Bars, which I learned of through listening to Jimmy Moore’s LLVLC podcasts.  Having some of these with me really came in handy and saved me from having to go hungry on more than one occasion.

These bars are not sold in Canada.  You can, however, order them from the US for personal use (not to bring them in and sell them) as long as you stick to an amount that a Custom’s Agent would consider reasonable for personal use for a couple of months.  I ordered them from a major on-line supplement retailer that I have ordered from many times in the past 5 years or more.

To me, this is something I would only turn to for uncommon situations, such as a long flight.  If I started to think that I “needed” to have one every week or every few days, I would start to wonder about myself and to understand that I was just making up excuses.  Having the option of a gluten-free low-carb snack bar is great to know about, but if they start to call your name from the cupboard, perhaps they aren’t for you.

Food Politics » GM crops in crisis: Roundup-resistant “superweeds”


Food Politics » GM crops in crisis: Roundup-resistant “superweeds”.

The esteemed Marion Nestle, on her blog Food Politics.

long-ish reply to question about breakfast


For anyone re-considering their choice of a non-breakfast lifestyle, I have just posted a long-ish reply to a comment about this on my “Restrict/Re-bound” page under the “Key Keys” heading.

Podcast of Dr. Eric Westman discussing the New Atkins for a New You book


Writing the post below about sodium and Dr. Westman’s recommendations prompted me to listen again to a podcast from Jimmy Moore’s site.

Episode 338 contains a very long, extensive interview with Dr. Eric Westman  regarding the book I mention below, The New Atkins for a New You, and including a lot of discussion of his own extensive clinical experience and the scientific underpinnings for the recommendations in the book.  By the way, he credits Dr. Phinney for developing the understanding of the increased need for sodium (salt) intake when eating very low carb.